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YouTube Content Creator Cherry Wallis Switches to DaVinci Resolve


Fremont, CA – July 30, 2020 – Blackmagic Design today announced that YouTube personality and creator Cherry Wallis now relies on DaVinci Resolve Studio for all aspects of post production on her Harry Potter Wizarding World themed channel.

With more than half a million subscribers, Cherry is a hugely popular figure for fans of the famous franchise. Alongside producer Chris Pearless, the duo has gone from putting out one video per week to now creating three, sometimes four. “DaVinci Resolve is certainly the key to that,” states Cherry.

Chris adds: “When it comes to making decisions about which technologies we use to deliver this show, the first question we always ask is; does it speed up our workflow, and do we sacrifice on quality?”

According to Chris, with their previous approach, they’d constantly be moving between applications. “That wasted a tremendous amount of time, rendering and re rendering timelines each time a change was needed.

“Now we have this integrated approach that has allowed us to break the mold of traditional editing workflows,” he continues. “Grades can be pre prepared, and mixes can be partially completed, then checked whilst still in the editing stage.”

Although this is unconventional, Cherry and Chris believe it allows them to produce good-quality content at a speed that simply wasn’t possible before. Cherry adds, “And not only does the increase in quality and quantity of our output mean we keep viewers engaged, it also boosts any financial benefits as there are more opportunities to partner with brands, and generate more revenue from ads.”

Chris says, “I love that DaVinci Resolve pays attention to small details. Whether that’s live re drawing of audio waveforms and animated ripple editing with visual guides, or being able to see clip color options in context menus and a host of other small details that I’ve begun to take for granted.”

Perhaps the most evident creative benefit, says Chris, is being able to achieve more sophisticated grades. “Which other NLEs simply don’t have the precision to deliver,” he explains. “I can then go over to the Fairlight tab and create an audio mix that was only really an option before in dedicated, standalone audio applications.”

During the recent lockdown, Chris and Cherry used some free time to further their compositing skills in Fusion, resulting in a very successful video where Cherry was put into various scenes from the Harry Potter movies. It has already amassed more than two million views!

“Having the power of Fusion right inside of your editing software is incredible,” Chris concludes. “And alongside the Color and Fairlight tabs too! I really believe the true magic of DaVinci Resolve lies in this all-inclusive workflow. Going back to any other NLE now feels like a step back in time.”

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