Zacuto Announces Canon C300/500 Z-Finder for Pre-order

(Chicago, Illinois–February 27, 2014) After months of design and testing, Zacuto is proud to announce the release of a hi-res Z-Finder viewfinder and accompanying accessories specific to the Canon C300 and C500. They offer quick setup, lightweight Recoil design, sturdy handles, a new-to-market ‘helmet’ cage and an innovative cold shoe clamping mount. The Zacuto C300/500 Z-Finder is not only a unique focusing tool but also aids with stabilization and enables balanced, comfortable handheld shooting.

The new C300/500 Z-Finder slides over the Canon LCD and is secured with a user-friendly bar clamp and hinge lock to keep the LCD in place. Use the Z-Finder alone or with Zacuto’s new mounting system that places the Canon LCD to the left of the camera for shoulder mounted operation. This is perfect for a Recoil style rig where the camera is positioned directly over the operators shoulder for comfort, balance, and convenience.

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