ZeeVee’s HDbridge 3000 Brings Flexibility to Satellite, Cable and IPTV Delivery


The HDbridge 3000 is the latest technology from ZeeVee that brings a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to the delivery of satellite, cable and IPTV video content and it does it all within a highly compact 3RU footprint. In addition, SD and HD video can be output simultaneously in both IP and RF formats.

The modular design of the chassis contains 12 flexible media slots that will immediately adapt to any mixing and matching of HDMI, component and composite cards that will give that special edge to any company, university or organization that wants professional grade video distribution.

ZeeVee, based in Massachusetts, is a worldwide leader in the engineering and manufacturing of video and signals distribution for the ProAV and IT markets. ZeeVee has changed the digital video industry by being the only manufacturer capable of being able to deliver multimedia content over fiber, coax and CATx. It continues to transform the industry by delivering award winning HD to Ultra-HD/4K solutions with distribution platforms that are simple to install and that remain extremely cost effective.














The HDbridge 3000 solutions include:

  • Specifically designed for high channel density environments and brings with it components that are hot-swappable so that there is absolutely no down time with around the clock operation. If rack space savings, intuitive management and future proofing your installation are vital to your operations, then the HDbridge 3000 is the technology solution you need.
  • Video output is simultaneous in both IP over Catx and RF over coax. It will deliver 72 channels of SD content and up to 24 channels of HD content.
  • The 12 media module slots will deliver any manner of content regardless of the source output, HD-SDI, unencrypted HDMI, component, VGA, and composite can be used. High reliability is assured because of no active components on the backplane and there is a built in capability for Emergency Alert Systems.
  • The absence of downtime is due to the system’s hot-swappable, and fully redundant, fans, media modules and power supplies. Custom content can be played back on the ZvShow channel.
  • The HDB3000 chassis brings up to 1080p resolution of unencrypted HDMI and this media module outputs 2 HD signals in QAM or DVB-T/C over RF networks. There is also closed captioned capability, it is EAS compatible, has independent delayed matched audio on each channel, and the system also includes the ZvShow bonus channel that will bring with it over 4GB of internal storage.

ZeeVee products have been sold and installed in thousands of facilities worldwide as they continue to innovate and lead the way in the engineering and development of video distribution platforms that bring the highest possible video quality while leveraging new or existing cable infrastructure.

The company’s product warranties are industry leading and all of the company’s products are engineered and manufactured in the United States of America. The company prides itself on customer support that exceeds expectations and thousands of facilities, across many different industries, have come to ZeeVee when they need to transport HD to Ultra-HD/4K video.

The wide range of industries that ZeeVee has served include education, healthcare, broadcast and production, housing, hospitality, entertainment and dozens of others. Clients include such companies as eBay, Bank of America, NBC, Hooters, JP Morgan Chase, CBS, Time Warner Cable and Coca-Cola as well as such colleges and universities as Notre Dame, Michigan State, and Ohio State. They have even reached into the world of professional sports with such clients as the Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Toronto Maple Leafs, Buffalo Bills and the Houston Astros.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer

Mr. Sawyer is a freelance writer, editor and journalist from Tampa. He has written thousands of articles for hundreds of magazines and news sites on countless topics including science, the media and technology. He is also the author of many white papers, special reports and ebooks covering a wide range of subjects.
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