Zeop Optimizes Video Delivery With Pre-Caching Technology From Broadpeak

RENNES, France — Dec. 2, 2015 — Broadpeak, a leading provider of content delivery network (CDN) technologies and live and video-on-demand (VOD) servers for cable, IPTV, OTT, hybrid, and mobile TV operators worldwide, today announced that Zeop, the first and leading fiber operator based on the French island of Réunion, has deployed Broadpeak solutions to improve video delivery. Using a combination of Broadpeak‘s BkS400 cache servers and BkM100 CDN manager, Zeop can cost-effectively distribute VOD content via a content provider located in France, while providing an exceptional quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS) to end users.

“Recently, we wanted to offer subscribers a wider choice of content. Under standard video delivery architecture, this would have been extremely challenging in terms of the transit and CDN-as-a-service costs incurred. We needed an optimized video delivery solution,” said Martin Vigneau, CTO, Zeop. “Broadpeak‘s video caching technology dramatically reduces our transit and contribution link costs, allowing us to deliver a wider range of popular video content at a fraction of the cost of traditional CDN methods, while providing a better quality of experience and service.”

Broadpeak pre-provisions popular video content in a local cache server (i.e., the BkS400), located in the operator’s network in Réunion. Each time an end user requests video content, it is directly streamed by the BkS400 local server, without needing to reach the content provider’s origin server. The technology is deployed on virtual machines, optimizing Zeop’s costs even further.

Broadpeak‘s BkS400 servers deliver video content via adaptive bit rate (ABR) technology, guaranteeing a high level of video quality. The presence of a local cache removes any latency that could take place between the origin server and the edge network. This mechanically benefits the QoS, and also the QoE, since higher video profiles will be streamed more often. Broadpeak‘s BkS400 server offers broad format support (e.g., Apple(R) HLS, Microsoft(R) Smooth Streaming, Adobe(R) HDS, and MPEG-DASH) so that operators can deliver video content anytime, anywhere, on any device. Currently, Zeop is delivering content in the Microsoft Smooth Streaming format.

Broadpeak‘s cache servers also collect analytics about end user sessions, allowing Zeop to identify trends in audience behaviors. Zeop can monitor a full range of statistics related to video streaming, including bit rate per source, cache status percentage (e.g., cache hit, cache miss), requests per second, average time to serve, and HTTP status codes per second. By employing a solution with sophisticated analytics, the operator can provide detailed information to marketing, operations, and support teams to assist them with strategic decision-making.

“Using Broadpeak‘s solution, Zeop can now negotiate with other content providers to offer a wider choice of content to their subscribers,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO, Broadpeak. “Broadpeak‘s solution also enables Zeop to interface with other CDN service providers and deliver content in a wide range of ABR formats to address all growing consumer demand for high-quality video content on every screen. The end results are lower video delivery costs, more flexibility, and a better QoS and QoE for end users.”

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About Zeop
The first and leading optical fiber operator in the heart of the Indian Ocean and a subsidiary of Reunion group Oceinde, ZEOP deploys and operates the first high speed network (FFTH, FTTO, and HFC) on the island. With end-to-end operation of its own network and more than 1500 km of fiber cable already in service, ZEOP is the reference operator for optical fiber and is able to offer bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps and full triple play access with HDTV and VOD services. A Reunionese operator for the people of Reunion, ZEOP employs more than 120 people on the island, and conducts an investment project of more than 120 M¬ to bring optical fiber to all households of this French overseas department.

About Broadpeak (
Broadpeak designs and manufactures video delivery components for content providers and network service providers deploying IPTV, cable, OTT, and mobile services. Its portfolio of solutions and technologies powers the delivery of movies, television programming, and other video content over managed networks and the Internet for viewing on any type of device. The company’s systems and services help operators increase market share and improve subscriber loyalty with superior quality of experience.

Broadpeak supports all of its customers worldwide, from simple installations to large delivery systems reaching capacities of several million of simultaneous streams. Broadpeak systems leverage the long legacy of Technicolor’s excellence in broadcast and broadband content delivery from where the founders and technology originated. The company is headquartered in Rennes, France.

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