ZoneTV’s Santa Tracker Coming Exclusively to Comcast


ZoneTV recently announced that it will be, once again, bringing its highly anticipated special holiday programming called Santa Tracker exclusively to Comcast Xfinity X1 subscribers. The program will be available throughout the entire holiday season and its interactive, web based, program will bring many hours of delight to children as well as adults as all wait in anticipation for the arrival of Santa come Christmas Eve.

ZoneTV, based in Santa Monica, California, is a leader in digital first video to millions of pay TV households. ZoneTv has, for many years, been closing up the gap between traditional and online television by delivering interactive digital first video programming to television audiences everywhere. By combining on demand and linear viewing, ZoneTV can delivery highly individualized content programs for all audiences.

Jeff Weber, the CEO of ZoneTV said that, “Comcast is always on the forefront of innovative content and delivery so Santa Tracker is a natural fit into its X1 holiday offering. And, ZoneTV is at the forefront bringing the best digital first and online content to TV.”


Not only does the on demand program allow viewers to be able to track Santa from the time he and the reindeer leave the North Pole on Christmas Eve, but the programming contains tons of other family fun. All of the content is in both English as well as in Spanish and there are games and exclusive holiday movies available only to Comcast subscribers.

In addition, the programming will bring to viewers Rudolph Radio, family sing alongs, challenges to be done everyday and a naught or nice segment plus more interactive games than just about any original programming can bring. And, of course, that up to the minute tracking of where in the world Santa Claus is at anytime throughout Christmas Eve. The program features a map of the world so everyone can anticipate Santa’s arrival to their little corner of the world and, maybe even, when he will arrive in their neighborhood.

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