Zylia Products at AES New York 2018

ZYLIA ZM-1 Single-Mic Portable Recording Studio

At AES New York 2018, Zylia will showcase the new ZYLIA ZM-1, an incredibly light, compact, and beautifully designed recording solution capable of delivering 48 kHz/24-bit resolution while capturing the full spatial sound scene. No matter where they are, users can simply connect the ZYLIA ZM-1 to a laptop via USB and begin recording.

The ZM-1 boasts 19 omnidirectional microphone capsules, which are distributed around a sphere measuring 4 inches in circumference and weighing just 16.6 ounces. A LED ring encircling the sphere gives off a gentle glow that indicates recording status. When using the ZM-1 in combination with ZYLIA Studio software, musicians can record their performances in a groundbreaking way — in both 3D/360-degree audio and traditional stereo.

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Photo Caption: Zylia’s Innovative and Unique ZYLIA ZM-1 Microphone System


ZYLIA Studio PRO is a (VST/AU) plug-in that brings spatial filtering and signal separation directly into the digital audio workstation (DAW). ZYLIA Studio PRO uses virtual microphone technology (software-defined microphones) on the 19-channel ZYLIA ZM-1 recording to separate sound sources and record them as individual tracks. The software also uses spatial filtering and blind sound-source separation to automatically detect the position of sound sources and separate them in real time. Users can set and monitor virtual microphones of multiple polar patterns or characteristics, both live and during postproduction. They can also take advantage of presets for surround or ambient recordings (5.1, 7.1, 5.4.1, 22.2, and more).

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Photo Caption: ZYLIA Studio PRO

ZYLIA Ambisonics Converter

The ZYLIA Ambisonics Converter converts multichannel recordings made with the ZYLIA ZM-1 microphone into Higher Order Ambisonics (HOA) full-sphere surround sound recordings. This software tool makes it easy for users to prepare 3D audio recordings for playback on the Facebook 360 and YouTube 360 platforms. The converter offers a B-format signal set that includes first-, second-, and third-order Ambisonics to bring added height and depth to surround sound. Users can choose between the FuMa and ACN component ordering formats, as required by the target platform, and between ambiX and TBE output formats. The converter also allows for quick correction of microphone orientation in postproduction.

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Photo Caption: ZYLIA Ambisonics Converter

Zylia Workshop: Spatial Audio-Video Creations for Music, Virtual Reality, and 3D Projectors — Case Studies

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 10:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.

Part of the AES New York 2018 conference’s Immersive & Spatial Audio Track, this session will cover spatial audio-video creations in practice. Professional audio engineers and musicians will talk about their 360-degree, 3D, and ambient productions combining sound and vision. The session will include an examination of “Unraveled,” a 360-degree spatial experience in which listeners find themselves in the middle of the recording. Furthermore, the speakers will discuss the process of making 3D audiovisual footage displayed in the 360-degree dome as well as spatial recordings of the concert music. The workshop will focus especially on the use of spherical microphone arrays, which make it possible to record an entire 3D sound scene. The separation of individual sound sources in postproduction, along with Ambisonics, gives creators unlimited possibilities to achieve unique audio effects. The moderator of the workshop will be Tomasz Zernicki, Zylia co-founder and chief technology officer. More information about the event is available at

Company Quote:

“At this year’s AES Show, we’re introducing a series of technologies that together transform multitrack recording: the elegant design and exceptional performance of our innovative ZM-1 recording solution, the sophisticated processing capabilities of our ZYLIA Studio PRO plug-in, and the flexibility and simplicity of the ZYLIA Ambisonics Converter. All of these products open up a whole new world of possibility for musicians and audio creatives. We can’t wait to show AES attendees what Zylia solutions can do for them.”

Piotr Szczechowiak, Chief Operating Officer, Zylia

Company Profile:

Zylia develops innovative, world-class recording technologies and turns them into products that improve the lives of musicians and audio creatives. With a passionate and dedicated team of almost 20 experts in music production, audio research, software, business and product development, the company crafts and delivers products with the potential to redefine and revolutionize the way sound and musical performances are recorded and produced. Leveraging their personal experience as musicians and tech gurus, along with input from music and audio communities around the world, Zylia’s experts bring musicians agile recording tools that make it easy to be creative in any environment.

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