Blue Lucy BL Ingest Integrated with New Sony Media Navigator

Blue Lucy has today announced that is has completed the integration of its linear video and file-based ingest toolset, BL Ingest, with Media Navigator, Sony’s new cost effective and scalable asset management solution for the broadcast market.

Media Navigator orchestrates key phases of the content workflow – from ingest, catalogue and editing to review, approvals, distribution – including cloud – and archive. The Blue Lucy Ingest plug-in is designed for videotape ingest in support of tapeless workflows as well as line recording. The BL Ingest service runs on commodity infrastructure hardware and accepts an SDI signal of any standard, via the baseband video card, and writes the target media files in an all- software process, which provides a future-proof, flexible architecture.

BL Ingest supports a wide range of CODECs and container formats including all Sony and other broadcast formats. BL Ingest also includes noise reduction filters, de-interlacing processes, and the ability to key in graphics or burn in time-code.

Up to 12 ingest channels can be monitored and controlled through a web browser user interface for maximum operational flexibility. For VTR-based ingest, videotapes can be frame- accurately logged by an operator or set for end-to-end ingest. When set to run, the process is completely automatic with BL Ingest assuming full control of the VTR. As material is digitised it is published to the connected Sony Media Navigator and, if required, to a specific folder or bin. Line acquisition through ‘crash’ and scheduled recording is also supported and can be set in the same user interface.

For material that already exists in the file domain, for example, in a camera SD card, the interface enables material to be directly uploaded to Media Navigator.

For both file or linear ingest real time status information is also provided in the user interface to provide rapid confirmation that material has been checked into Media Navigator.

Blue Lucy CEO Julian Wright said, “We are very pleased to support Sony’s new Media Navigator product by offering directly compatible ingest plug-ins. The motivation behind the Media Navigator product in addressing the small and mid-level production market with sensibly priced, user-friendly management tools aligns with Blue Lucy’s vision.

“Deep technical knowledge should not be required to deploy the system and begin operations, so we worked with Sony to carry out the integration work with Media Navigator over the summer and have simplified the process to the point where deployment is truly plug-and-play.”

MAM Marketing Manager for Sony Europe, Felip Garcia, said, “In order to offer the best possible workflow to our users it is very important that we talk to key solutions partners like Blue Lucy. Thanks to Blue Lucy’s innovative software plug-ins, Media Navigator now has a truly powerful tape and live ingest solution, which further strengthens our workflow offering.”

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