Bradley Engineering / AltaSens 4K remote camerahead at IBC

Innovation from Bradley Engineering and AltaSens – first sight of future 4K
image sensing inside a remote controlled camera head

9th September 2014, Brockenhurst, UK: Bradley Engineering, the designer of
specialist and remote controlled cameras, has been working jointly with
AltaSens Inc. to create a design for a new 4K camera module for the next
generation of remote sensing cameras, the two companies will show the design
to visitors at IBC.

The design is based upon Bradley’s dome-shaped Camball camera head with a
pan-tilt mechanism, and uses AltaSens’s 4K CMOS image sensor technology.

Earlier this year, AltaSens announced a sensor that delivers industry
standard 4K cinema frames in 12 bit or 10 bit resolution at up to 72 frames
per second. The demonstration uses the AltaSens AL41410C sensor which has a
Super-35 size image sensor with 5.2 µm pitch pixels.

Bradley’s Cam-Ball is a Pan Tilt Zoom camera with 99 pre-set positions that
can be memorised and recalled. It has a lightweight, weather proof carbon
fibre housing and all of the camera functions and movements can be
controlled remotely, including the Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Iris, Focus and the
activation of infrared mode and the colour balancing elements. All this is
done using Bradley’s remote control panel RCP3.

David Bradley says, “AltaSens makes the highest quality image sensors on the
market today. We undertook this research project to explore how we will work
with 4K technologies in our future products, and to demonstrate what it will
be like to use a 4K camera.”

Darren Paulson, VP of Business Development and Compliance for AltaSens
explains: “Bradley Engineering is well known for designing ruggedized
leading-edge cameras for remote sensing. They are hence the ideal company to
advise us regarding key design aspects and to subsequently deliver a superb
integrated solution for 4K cinema or UHD broadcast, or even for sports
broadcast where slow-motion playback is required. In addition, the sensor’s
extensive programmability enables extremely fast frame rates in many optical
formats, creating additional uses for this technology in scientific,
military and consumer markets.”

The miniaturized 4K camera module integrated in the remote-controlled
Camball head will also be on view at IBC, along with the 4K sensor at the
module’s visual cortex. Visitors to the exhibition can view both enabling 4K
products along with the stunning 4K video. Both the 4K mini-modules and
sensor are available separately through AltaSens. Representatives from
Bradley Engineering and AltaSens will be available to answer any questions.

About AltaSens Inc.

AltaSens Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of JVC KENWOOD Corporation, was
founded in 2004 and has emerged as the pioneer of High Definition and Wide
Dynamic Range CMOS imaging     technology. AltaSens’ products can be found
at the heart of many high-end cameras                built for a variety of
applications, see


Darren Paulson, 818-338-9446  [email protected]

About Bradley Engineering

Former BBC cameraman David Bradley has a long history of designing and
manufacturing remote cameras. Since the company started the cameras have
improved continually, with new developments based on customer requests.
Today the company offers a selection of digital mini camera heads with
ultra-smooth movement and remote control. They are designed to be easy to
rig and operate the way that camera operators like to work., Tel: +44 (0) 1590 622440


Louise Hague, Bradley Engineering, +44 1590 662 440
[email protected]

Anna Wood, PR Consultant +44 20 8440 7372 / +44 7768 922 707
[email protected]

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