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Comigo. Experience Intelligence.
Comigo is the expert in helping TV providers create the best TV experience for their subscribers by infusing it with the full power of the Internet in a contextual manner. By connecting various digital and online services to content and viewers in a contextual manner, Comgio enables TV providers to offer a dynamic, personal, and enriched viewing experience to customers, keeping them from abandoning the main TV screen and opening the door to multiple revenue opportunities and benefits.

Comigo’s industry-proven solution is powered by the Comigo Experience Intelligence Engine (Comigo E.I.), a patented experience engine, and includes the following set of hardware and software elements: HEVC and 4K Android(TM) set-top box (STB) solution, custom-developed WatchApp(TM) Applications, and content applications for every screen.

Key Products

Comigo’s industry-proven service platform includes hardware and software elements, which are powered by the Comigo E.I., a patented experience engine that utilizes big data and natural language processing algorithms to infuse the TV experience with the full power of the Internet.

Based on cloud technology and an open SDK, the platform provides TV providers with a flexible and customizable solution, enabling them to quickly roll out content-related applications and services, encourage viewer engagement, and open up new revenue streams.

Additional modular hardware and software components are also available, based on the service providers’ needs. These include: Android OTT and IPTV STBs, content applications for every screen, and WatchApp(TM) Applications, which can be either pre-developed or custom-developed based on existing apps by the service provider. Comigo’s advanced solution architecture ensures speed to market and a fully customized solution targeted for TV provider needs.

The Comigo platform offers a variety of key capabilities, known as “service pillars,” that benefit pay-TV providers and their subscribers, through:
* Pedia: Comigo’s platform enriches TV content with relevant information, data, and social activity — including social media platforms — from a variety of online sources. By enriching content with relevant contextual information, operators can increase stickiness.
* Participation: With the Comigo platform, operators can personalize the entire viewing experience and generate micro-targeted campaigns utilizing the data gathered on each viewer. Providing the most suitable content to each viewer via personal and social-recommendation engine algorithms enables operators to launch new data-driven services and increase viewer engagement.
* Discovery: Unlike any other platform, Comigo helps drive relevant content discovery by personalizing menu and recommendations to viewers.
* Commerce: The Comigo platform supports monetization through contextual shopping services. The platform utilizes consumers’ social networks to promote and increase the sale of content and services.
* Advertising: With the Comigo platform, operators can offer ultra-targeted, measurable advertising with advanced campaign analytics.
* Operators can partner with the Comigo development team or develop their own new unique services.

Company Overview:

Comigo platforms are deployed worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of households enjoying the Comigo intelligence. Comigo’s mission is to transform TV by infusing it with the full power of the Internet. The Comigo solution is designed to enable TV providers to capture new value from their content through a wealth of contextual services. The heart of the Comigo platform is the Comigo Experience Intelligence Engine, which is fully controlled by the operator, connecting viewers to a wide range of online services. Comigo also provides client-based solutions, including an Android(TM)-based STB solution, WatchApp(TM) Applications, and client apps for Android- and iOS(TM)-based smartphones and tablets.

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