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INSIGHT TV Commissions Provocative New Series ‘Travel with a Goat’


INSIGHT TV, one of the world’s largest UHD HDR broadcasters and producers of native UHD content covering action sports, entertainment and lifestyle, has today at MIPTV 2018 announced the commission of its new show, Travel with a Goat. The programme brings viewers face-to-face with life and death decisions behind every day eating habits.
Travel with a Goat tackles a growing trending topic around meat eaters by challenging two foodies head on to spend days with a goat (or other livestock) trekking in South America, Asia and Europe. On their travels they will need to forge a path to their destination through cities, forests, rivers and deserts just like domestic farmers and traders do.

And then there’s that one obvious disadvantage – the animal has its own will and habits. It will possibly drive them crazy at first, but at the end of their journey having potentially forged a bond with the goat, how will the foodies feel about the ethics between animals and food? Has it changed? Will they be able to surrender the goat to its final destination where it will be handed over for food? In order for the goat to be surrendered, both participants have to agree to do so.

The premise of the show is to bring to light the harsh realities that food and animal lovers experience when directly dealing with animals for meat. How often do you consider the ethics behind the food on your plate? Would you have the stomach to lead your meal to be eaten?

Arun Maljaars, Director Content & Channels at INSIGHT TV says, “Many of us regularly buy meat from the supermarket without much consideration of how the animal lived or was killed, we find it shocking when faced with the reality yet still continue to eat meat. With this programme we aim to spark conversation and debate in an entertaining way regarding the hypocrisy that often comes between us and the food on our table.”

Travel with a Goat is fully commissioned by INSIGHT TV with Netherlands based production company Tuvalu Media. “We’re interested in making content that pushes boundaries and makes people think,” says Emiel Neervoort, Managing Director of Tuvalu Media. “We believe that we have achieved this goal with Travel with a Goat, which will make people question the journey of food to the plate.”

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