Learn Clip Creation From Actus Digitial at The 2020 NAB Show


The broadcasting industry is growing as many creative elements continue to help expand what is surely a vast digital ecosystem of rich and vibrant content. For anyone who works within or looking to enter the broadcasting industry should visit the Actus Digital exhibit at the 2020 NAB Show. This April at the 2020 NAB Show, the leading web-based media intelligent platform, Actus Digital will be taking place where attending creatives can learn more about what makes the company the market-driven giant that has proven to be innovative and focused driven in its development and enhancement of solutions that actively support the ongoing and future requirements of the media industry.


About Actus Digital



Actus Digital is a broadcast media intelligent platform that specializes in providing: broadcast recording, compliance and logging solutions, as well as clips creation workflow for clips for OTT, social media, VOD or Web. The company is a compliance / TV logger solution (Actus View) that complies with all FCC regulator requirements, which include closed caption and loudness, SCTE-35, SCTE-104, multiple audio tacks, subtitles, and teletext. The company’s solution is HTML5 based, cost-effective, simple to use, flexible, and scalable. Hundreds of customers which include companies such as BSKYB, FOX, Disney, and Sony use this solution.


Actus Digital Clip Creation



Actus Digitial creates clips, and their creation solution Actus Clip Factory, is a complete workflow that receives the live stream, edits/creates frame-accurate live clips with the highlights of programs, enriches clips with metadata, effects (graphics, text, pre/post rolls and more), adds any metadata, transcodes the clips to any format, and distributes the clips directly to social media platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • OTT

The Actus Clip Factory has the ability to define pre-defined profiles and integrate playout XML clips automation options, which include ad removal. These clips are distributed fast, and they ensure that viewers are updated at any time. Last year, at the 2019 NAB Show, Actus Digitial performed a full demo of the platform.

Learn more about Actus clip creation at


Actus Digital Product Line



In addition to clip creation, Actus Digital has developed products that have done nothing short of meeting the necessary requirements a media agency would need and comply with regulators such as the FCC requirements. Several of Actus Digital’s factors include:

  • Off-air broadcast recording solutions
  • Compliance logging
  • Relevant TV channel monitoring
  • Competitors channels tracking for competitive analysis
  •  Fast and efficient ratings analysis
  • Clip creation for content re-purposing
  • Sharing and exporting track ads for ads verification

Actus Digital’s Products include:

  • View: Broadcast compliance and media monitoring intelligent platform
  • Clip Factory: Clips creation for OTT, social, web portals
  • View Native: TS Native recording and monitoring
  • Loudness: Loudness monitoring and compliance
  • Rating Analyzer: For rating and competitive analysis
  • Alert Center: Provides video/audio quality assurance
  • Mosaic: For Multi-Viewing purposes

These products all work in making Actus Digital a leader in the broadcast industry.

Learn more about Actus Digital products by visiting for a demonstration.


About The 2020 NAB Show



As the broadcast industry grows, so does the diverse array of elements needed to continue what is an incredible revolution of technological and digital integration. As a leading broadcast media intelligent platform, Actus Digital has proven to be a great contributor, and it will surely do that at the 2020 NAB Show this April.

The 2020 NAB Show is designed to gather together content professionals from all corners of the media, entertainment and technology industry. Any creative looking to create superior audio and visual experiences should attend the 2020 NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. It’s a great way to meet and connect with like-minded individuals who work in the same field, as well as an opportunity to learn and grow from exhibitors like Actus Digital that help individuals in the broadcast industry pave their own paths to creative success. Whether a person’s focus lies in the area of creation, distribution, management, or monetization—the 2020 NAB Show will provide them with enough clarity and confidence t0 take their work in bold new directions.

Visit Actus Digital at the 2020 NAB Show at booth # SU13910.

For more information on the 2020 NAB Show, visit

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