RUSHWORKS acquired by ENCO to provide expanded solutions for radio, TV, AV and robotics

Happy New Year, RUSHWORKS users and fans! We’re charging into 2023 with renewed energy and the opportunity to significantly enhance and expand our technology solutions as a brand of ENCO, based in Novi, MI. Created in 1983, ENCO is one of the recognized global leaders in real-time closed and open captioning and transcription software, as well as the provider of an extensive folio of radio broadcasting and television playback applications. Check out the official ENCO press release from January 1st.

The association dramatically expands our combined audio, video and robotics technology innovations, including the anticipated integration of real-time closed captioning and speech-to-text transcription services into many of the products, including our A-LIST Automation Systems, VDESK Integrated PTZ Production Systems, and VDEPO … our Video Deposition and Courtroom Production and Streaming System. Further, Houses of Worship will benefit from the unique capabilities of the PTX Model 3 PRO pan/tilt head for putting cameras in motion during production, as well as open and closed-captioning of services for live and streamed services.

I personally want to sincerely thank all of you in the RUSHWORKS User Group around the world for your commitment to and continued support of all our many solutions and services. We started this adventure in 2001, and as we approach our 22nd business anniversary it’s timely for us to jump on the ENCO train to offer even more and better solutions, support and AI visions into the Future.

The RUSHWORKS staff will continue in their respective roles so you can expect to hear the same friendly voices when you call us in 2023. We wish you the Very Best in everything you do in the New Year!

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