Introducing the PT-Zero Vibration Isolator for Professional PTZ Cameras

RigWheels is excited to announce the launch of the PT-Zero vibration isolator, designed for professional PTZ cameras. This new addition to RigWheels’ lineup of anti-vibration mounts enhances isolation and offers a greater variety of installation and setup options.

The PT-Zero vibration isolator utilizes specially engineered isolation components to improve image quality for PTZ cameras that may be impacted by structural vibrations in environments such as houses of worship, live events or buildings with HVAC vibrations.

“With the increasing popularity of PTZ cameras and advancements in image quality, manufacturers are incorporating longer zoom lenses into their camera designs. While a powerful zoom lens is a great feature, they can be more susceptible to vibrations, which can pose challenges during installation and use,” explains Lance Lundstrom, Owner of RigWheels. “Our PT-Zero isolator is an optimized design that integrates over 30 new isolation components to effectively reduce and even eliminate the negative effects of vibrations on PTZ cameras.”

Instead of a traditional product video, RigWheels opted to showcase a real-world installation of the PT-Zero isolator in action. A visit to a concert venue experiencing camera vibration issues caused by the sound system revealed impressive results with the PT-Zero isolator.

**Key Features:**

– Extreme Vibration Isolation
– Wall Mount & Ceiling Mount Options
– New “Camera On Top” Position Option
– Tripod & Light-Stand Mounting
– Supports Cameras up to 12lb
– High-Quality Machined Components Made in the USA

The PT-Zero isolator is priced starting at $599 and offers various mounting bracket options. The PT-Zero Vibration Isolator is now available for purchase on RigWheels’ website and through authorized dealers, with initial lead-times expected to be 2-3 weeks.

About RigWheels:
RigWheels is a trusted provider of camera stabilization and rigging solutions for the film and video production industry. With a commitment to original designs and top-notch components made in the USA, RigWheels offers a diverse range of products to help filmmakers and videographers capture dynamic images. From vibration isolators to camera sliders and mounts, RigWheels remains dedicated to providing creative and technical solutions for the production community.

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