What Matters Most in a Reference Generator

What Matters Most in a Reference Generator

Flexibility and reliability seem to be two of the most important features my customers mention regarding reference generators. One of the great things about Ensemble Designs products is the tray-based system design. The reference generator is a card that goes inside of a frame and provides you with a lot of difference signals.

We were very forward thinking. We included dual link test patterns for example. But if you need to customize it – maybe you need 10 different tri-level sync outputs – you are able to do that very easily with the different cards that you can put in the frame. We are not forcing you into a 1RU pizza box sort of approach. We are not dictating which signals you need. In that same frame, you are able to put changeovers and distribution amplifiers as well.

And of course, the frame has fully redundant power supplies and a wonderful control system that allows you to set alarms if there are any problems. Of course, there will not be any problems because Ensemble Designs is known for its reliability. That reliability is why many station groups like NBC, Fox and others chose us. It’s why we were selected for major sporting venues and many different mobile trucks – even helicopters. It’s all because we are known for our reliability. We stand up to time.

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