All aboard vMix 23!

vMix 23

vMix 23 is all about transporting video and audio where it needs to go! Launching today, vMix 23 is the first live production software with full SRT support. SRT, also known as Secure Reliable Transport, is an open standard that allows content creators to send secure and reliable live video and audio anywhere in the world using a regular Internet connection.

One of the big challenges of live video is working out how to reliably transmit your video from a remote location with an unpredictable internet connection. There are many expensive, proprietary hardware options on the market that will do the job but not everyone has a satellite sitting in their garage they can launch when needed! vMix 23 has been enabled to both send and receive SRT sources making it an ideal option for transporting video between vMix to vMix or vMix to other SRT compatible hardware and software. vMix also utilises hardware encoding and decoding for this task in order to reduce strain on the CPU!

“We’ve heard from many live video producers about the difficulties of sending reliable video and we believe SRT is an effective solution to this problem”, said vMix CEO, Martin Sinclair. “We’re excited about being able to help facilitate delivery of secure, reliable video in every version of vMix 23.”

In keeping with the reliable transport theme, vMix 23 has also added additional audio buses for routing in vMix. There is now support for 7 auxiliary stereo pairs that can be used throughout vMix for different audio mixes with recordings, streams, SRT, external outputs and anywhere else you might need audio.

vMix 23 also includes a number of other tools and features such as:

  • New ‘Mix’ Input
  • NDI® 4
  • Chrome Web Browser updated to v77
  • The ability to stream 2 different outputs
  • vMix Media Converter
  • Facebook Live simulcasting and scheduled streams
  • + more

vMix 23 is available now from, with a free fully functional 60 day trial.

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