BBQ Texas Style

When you say Texas, you have to think of beef.

Source – RalphSmyth

Cooking Series – Ralph Smyth Entertainment recently produced a 6-part social media campaign on how to cook and enjoy your beef for the Texas Beef Council that features local celebrity Jess Pryles. Traffic and pass-along viewership has been outstanding. 


Recently, Andrew Lee, of Ralph Smyth Entertainment in Austin, TX, squeezed in a special project for the Texas Beef Council –

Featuring local personality Jess Pryles and her Hardcore Carnivore brand shirts (Steaks & Bourbon…A Complete Meal), a six-part series of branded cooking videos was produced for the Council’s social media channels.

In the first 24-hours after posting the second segment in the series, the Council told Lee the segment had already racked up over 500,000 views, 2.3k reactions, 696 shares and 297 comments.

Source – RalphSmyth

Slim Budget – While Texas beef may be filling, the budget for the Texas Beef Council was definitely on a diet; so to protect their content, all of the data was stored on an OWC Mercury Elite Pro. 


Now that’s the kind of response management wants to see for every video they put online!

Because the project had to be done quickly, smoothly, professionally and accurately; the Smyth team used Adobe Premier for the post work, keeping all of their RAW and production content on Lee’s personal OWC Mercury Elite Pro.

“Storage is perhaps the one thing we’re most particular about,” Lee said.  “We’ve stuck with one provider since we did “Intramural,” which was picked up by MGM and renamed “Balls Out” and released under the Orion Pictures label.  The firm has also produced a documentary “Dealt,” which has won multiple festival awards and is scheduled for a Fall release.  “Dealt” has been four years in production.

“Content like that you don’t want to – really can’t afford to – lose,” he emphasized.

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