Content Connect Initiative launches industry programme and releases new research exploring future of TV market in 2030

New initiative will work with industry stakeholders to explore the challenges and opportunities facing the media industry in the 2020s

MEDIAGENIX, in partnership with the Project X Institute, today announced the launch of the Content Connect Initiative, a brand-new programme focused on exploring the challenges and opportunities facing the TV industry – broadcasters, programmers and producers – during the 2020s. During the remainder of the year, the Initiative will work with industry participants to explore perspectives on the evolution of the industry and the priorities for TV companies, as they look to transform their operations and workflows.

To support the launch of the new programme, the Initiative has published a new white paper, The Transformation of TV, exploring perspectives on the key factors set to shape the industry during the decade ahead and a set of future scenarios for the market in 2030.

The 2030 scenarios, developed in consultation with industry executives in the US and across Western Europe, highlight the potential for very different outcomes, ranging from a gradual evolution of the current marketplace to a far more competitive and digitally disrupted landscape. Most positively, one scenario suggests that a golden age for the TV industry is potentially within reach if the full potential of recent investments in streaming services and advanced advertising can be realized during the 2020s.

The scenarios pose various questions for the industry, but intense competition and the need to modernise operations are a constant in all. TV companies will need to complete their digital transformations, modernising their operations and supply chains to unlock the full potential of streaming and advanced advertising, if they are to remain relevant and competitive in 2030.

The research also suggests that there is considerable work still to be done to realise the potential of these investments, leveraging data to support decision-making and fully transforming content supply chains, with many companies falling well short of maturity.

The paper also includes expert contributions from leading industry executives, Christy Tanner, Mike Darcey, Ian Whittaker, and Emily Horgan, exploring developments in the US market, the evolution of streaming, the prospects for Europe’s commercial broadcasters, and the future of kids TV.

Jon Watts, Executive Director at The Project X Institute, said “The 2010s have seen tremendous change across the TV market, but our research suggests that most industry participants believe more change lies ahead, although perspectives vary widely. The fundamental question is whether digitally driven disruption is starting to slow, as the market matures, or whether the 2010s have simply laid the foundations for a far more competitive, fast- changing marketplace. In any event, industry participants will need to maintain the trajectories of their digital transformations, looking to realise in full the benefits of their investments to date.”

Ivan Verbesselt, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at MEDIAGENIX, said “The industry is at a pivotal time amid accelerating change. It’s a good time to take stock of where we are, look where we’re headed, identify scenarios and define the ingredients for success.

The key question is: how can a media company be nimble and agile enough to embrace new content monetization models and connect with constantly changing viewer behaviour? A critical enabling factor here is a smart content supply chain that truly digitally connects all stakeholders and that is data- driven at the heart. In that perspective, the actual digital transformation journey has only just begun.”

The full paper can be downloaded here: content-connect-

About The Content Connect Initiative

The Content Connect Initiative is a brand-new industry programme, exploring the challenges and opportunities facing the global media and entertainment industries during the 2020s – with a particular focus on the production, distribution, and monetization of TV content in fast-changing markets.

During the coming months, the Initiative will be conducting webinars and executive seminars to explore the findings from the research project and to discuss the priorities for the industry.

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About The Project X Institute

The Project X Institute (PXI) is a new strategic think tank and advisory collective, dedicated to solving complex challenges in the media and advertising industries. PXI brings together some of the most experienced executives and sharpest minds in the industry to help companies, policy makers and investors develop sustainable solutions that balance business needs, innovation, and responsibility.

Founded by seasoned industry veterans Jon Watts and Ian Maude, the Institute’s team of senior executives – our Advisors in Residence – leverage their unique domain expertise, strong industry relationships and networks, and proven ability to provide expert advice at the highest levels to bear on some of the most challenging issues facing the media and advertising industries.

PXI offers an alternative to traditional consulting firms, providing strategic advice based on heavyweight real-world industry experience and expertise, combined with a leaner and more nimble approach.

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