Foccus Digital elevates the RedeTV Carnival experience in Brazil

The Haivision PRO 360-5G provided optimal reliability and stability for multi-camera live broadcasts and delivered dynamic programming.

During Carnival in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro this year, Foccus Digital closely accompanied RedeTV who planned extensive coverage utilizing the Haivision PRO 360-5G mobile video transmitter during their 2024 Carnival programming. RedeTV chose the PRO 360-5G technology for the Carnival festivities based on its proven low latency, and reliable live video contribution over bonded cellular networks. The transmitter has proven highly versatile in the field and capable of substantially increasing the quality of live broadcasts and content production.

RedeTV offered comprehensive behind-the-scenes coverage of Carnival, both in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. From the samba school rehearsals, to the most intense moments of the parades, spectators were able to experience the highest quality live video and audio of all the joy of the most anticipated party of the year.

The deployment provided RedeTV’s remote teams with flexibility to expand its multi-camera productions and remain on the move to increase creative content generation. Benefiting from the simple and intuitive operation, video files were sent in real time to the Streamhub central server, at an average speed of 80 mbps, allowing agile and flexible production, and eliminating the need to travel to fixed internet points.

José Levy Kroiss Neto, director of engineering and Transmission Technology at RedeTV, highlighted that the reliability and stability of the live broadcast signal was essential for the dynamics of the programming.

“Previously, it was necessary to generate more than 300 articles via FTP from a fixed internet point to efficiently cover the event. However, in 2024 it was possible to reduce this generation by 80%, and still have the benefit of sending the file directly from the PRO 360-5G using the mobile network, guaranteeing much more freedom and flexibility for our producers and cameramen.”

Another great feature highlighted this year was the LIVE & REC functionality, which in addition to speeding up the recording of material, added redundancy during the live remote productions and when anchoring live. Furthermore, RedeTV noted they had a significant reduction innetwork usage during its coverage of Rio de Janeiro, directly related to the quality of the Haivision deployment and the speed of file transfer. Haivison’s PRO 360-5G stood out as the key tool making this year’s entire event production much more dynamic and fluid.

Foccus Digital provided support and accompanyed RedeTV during Carnival 2024 in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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