RedeTV! and Foccus Digital guarantee a memorable broadcast of the NFL in Brasa Super Bowl event

The broadcaster integrated the Telos Alliance Infinity VIP intercom system, a virtual platform that makes workflows available on any device, smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Foccus Digital collaborated with RedeTV! on the Carnival weekend with coverage of the NFL Superbowl in Brasa, an event in São Paulo dedicated to fans of NFL football who follow the biggest game of the year. This year RedeTV simplified the viewing party coverage, relying on the Telos’ Alliance VIP intercom system, a virtual platform that allows smartphones, laptops, or tablets to be deployed as communication panels.

The Telos VIP system integration allowed for flexible virtual communications workflows ensuring that the reporters, producers, coordinators, presenters, switchers and technical centers all had immediate and quick access. The platform was easy to implement, simply configuring each user’s panel keys and having staff share the access links via WhatsApp or email. With one click, the event production team seamlessly connected the panel in their app smartphone or browser.

The VIP system was integrated via xNode with the broadcaster’s analog communication matrix. The channels were converted to AES 67, interacting with the VIP via AoIP. This allowed that in addition to using the analog panels in the workflow, the entire existing audio system and feedback were transported by the VIP system.

In addition, the RedeTV! production staff at the São Paulo Carnival event concurrently also utilized the Telos VIP to coordinate with the production teams, presenters and operations. Establishing a permanent communication channel with the Anhembi Carnaval event site was a huge benefit for RedeTV! Production teams with two mega-events happening at once.

Levy Kroiss, Director of Engineering and Transmission Technology at RedeTV! reported the event was a total success with positive technical, artistic and journalism feedback and production improvements. The Telos VIP system proved to be very reliable and robust and the ability to quickly launch a panel on any device was fundamental in coordinating the entire operation.

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