Hungry Earth Productions Used Blackmagic Design Products At Holy Ghost Festival

When the idea of a festival is conceived, then the spark of creativity is sure to be well incorporated into making what should always be a smashing experience, as the Brits would say. The Manchester, United Kingdom Holy Ghost festival did just that this year as it dabbled in a bit of blackmagic, or Blackmagic Design to be more precise. Blackmagic Design is a digital cinema company and manufacturer that specializes in creating the world’s highest quality video products ranging from:

  • Digital film cameras
  • Video converters
  • Color correctors
  • Routers
  • Video monitoring
  • Live production switchers
  • Disk recorders
  • Waveform monitors
  • All time film scanners

All these products and more work to serve the company’s core creative mission in providing the feature film, post production and television broadcast industries with the best video quality products on the market. Blackmagic Design‘s core philosophy is to help creativity blossom. If there is one case that can be made for Blackmagic Design, then it is that as the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of creative video technology, it’s never short of ushering in an unlimited amount of creativity. This same brand of creativity was demonstrated on September 2, 2019 at the Holy Ghost Festival.


The Holy Ghost Festival was held at the London ExCel where over 30,000 Christians gathered in what was no doubt a night of immense praise and worship. The Fol Event allowed so many people to not only unite in their spiritual worship, but it also worked as a demonstration in the unveiling of Blackmagic Design‘s multi-camera live production workflow, which included the URSA Broadcast and URSA Mini Pro G2.

Hungry Earth Productions And Blackmagic Design Products Livened Up The Holy Ghost Festival 

Thanks to Hungry Earth Productions, the Holy Ghost Festival proved an incredible night not only for the many Christians attending, but a great demonstration of Black Magic Design’s dedication to both the quality and stability that its products are known for. The URSA Broadcast and URSA Mini Pro G2 proved to be exceptional as they were used to acquire content for big screen projection as well as live streaming.

The URSA Broadcast


The URSA Broadcast is two cameras in one, as well as an incredible field camera for ENG and programming work, and a professional studio camera. Traditional broadcasters will find the URSA Broadcast both affordable and flexible as it uses lenses and batteries, while eliminating the need for media cards and file formats that are found in more traditional cameras. This camera can also record onto regular SD cards while using the same common file formats found on broadcast media management systems and most NLE software. The URSA Broadcast also helps web broadcasters because it can work with both older after market HD lenses and inexpensive photo lenses.

URSA Mini Pro G2

The URSA Mini Pro G2 is a professional digital film camera that use both an incredible 4.6K image quality with the features and controls of a traditional broadcast camera! This second generation camera also features fully redesigned electronics and a new Super 35mm 4.6K HDR image sensor that combines to give the user a much higher frame rate shooting.

Producer and Director: Hungry Earth Productions

The technological sophistication of these products was further elaborated by Hungry Earth producer/director Jerry Curd who stated that “My initial concept was to use the URSA Mini G2’s shallow depth of field to complement the URSA Broadcasts’ coverage, and that theory certainly paid off. The match was indistinguishable, and due to the identical operational controls and Blackmagic’s SDI protocol for camera control, we were able to rack all of the cameras using the same hardware.”



In addition to using the URSA Broadcast and URSA Mini Pro G2, Jerry mentioned the use of a sixth pocket Cinema Camera 4K, which had been added to the demonstration as he said that “We had never previously contemplated using this camera,” “But its weight and form factor made us think it could be ideal on a stabilizer or handheld on stage. We use a Cosmo wireless system and Hollyland range extender on our usual roving stage camera, so we took the Pocket camera’s HDMI output into that.”

Aside from properly implementing Blackmagic Design‘s products, which included their Web Presenter and mimolive software, Hungry Earth Productions also provided the FOL in-house team with an SDI audio embedded feed, which worked to help livestream the event to thousands of viewers across the world. The SFL Group handled all of the venue’s AV and projection, which Curd attributed to as the result of their team using ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K for the vision mix. He further went on to mention how SFL took the 1080p50 feed over 3G-SDI, plus six computers with hymn lyrics, VT playout, a clock timer for speakers, and various other graphics for projection and relaying on screens around the venue.

With high praise and a stellar turn out, no surprises should come from the technological sophistication of Blackmagic Design and their core mission of helping the post production and television industry become a truly creative industry.

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