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MultiCAM Systems Launches New Version of MultiCAM STUDIO at IBC 2016


MultiCAM Systems, manufacturer of live video production systems, is launching a new version of MultiCAM STUDIO at IBC 2016.

MultiCAM STUDIO is an all-in-one live broadcast solution dedicated to recording and live streaming video production for a variety of events such as music festivals, sports, professional conferences, politics, and many broadcasting operations.

Customers such as Videlio, ULT Tunisie, Georgetown University, Conde Nast College and Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha have successfully utilized MultiCAM STUDIO in their operations.

With MultiCAM STUDIO it’s very easy to capture and record television shows and events. Users do not need multiple hardware, scaler, switcher, and other third party parts. MultiCAM STUDIO is comprised of one rack server 3U, a touch screen and a joystick.

MultiCAM STUDIO, a complete and easy-to-use solution, benefits include:

  • EASY TOUCH INTERFACE : No training needed; within 15 minutes the operator can record, broadcast live and deferred /delayed*
  •  ONLY 1 OPERATOR managing all live production
  •  4 SD/HD CAMERAS + 1 DVI-D INPUT in option
  • COMPOSITIONS : combine camera with other sources (media list, pc input, cameras)
  • RECORD : native or compressed format
  • LIVE STREAMING & PODCASTING (MP4 H.264, YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook…)

The Camera remote control is fully compliant with all PTZ models such as Sony, Panasonic and Lumens.

Users can select their native recording format according to the workflow requirement. 1TB HDD is dedicated to store content, and the ability to archive media with the USB3 ports.

TITLER is a dedicated tool for graphical overlay design, and incorporates visual effects and animation. A database manager helps users to create title lists directly from a drop menu onto the Live user interface.

Live Streaming is easy; it creates the encoding setup profile for MP4 and H264 streaming and then it only requires one click to start it.

The COMPOSER feature allows users to customize their PiP or videos side-by-side for a talk show.  They can resize video, set up an image or video position on the background.  With PUBLISHER EDIT, complex editor tools such as Adobe Premiere or Apple Final cut are not required.  The editor module will do it with only a few clicks, thereby enabling the user to their sequences before publishing videos.

MultiCAM STUDIO new features include a new publisher workflow through its new plug in PUBLISHER. STUDIO also integrated Facebook in Live.

“With MultiCAM STUDIO, live video production is no longer reserved only for video professionals. Anyone can become self-sufficient in producing its video contents without limiting the volume of productions,” states Stan Walbert, MultiCAM Systems CEO.

About MultiCAM Systems:

Founded in 2010, MultiCAM Systems designs easy-to-use, live video production systems, which feature advanced video switching capabilities and PTZ camera technology for applications such as recording, live streaming and podcasting. Focusing on broadcast, e-learning and medical markets, MultiCAM Systems offers a wide range of products. These include MultiCAM TRACKING, an entirely automated video recording tool, particularly suited for e-learning and conference purposes; MultiCAM STUDIO, an all-in-one system for live video production; MultiCAM RADIO, an automated visual radio STUDIO that allows broadcasters to air programs live 24-hours-a-day, MultiCAM CONF captures conferences, without any human behind and MultiCAM INSITU is dedicated to hospitals and health professionals.

For more information about MultiCAM Systems and its products, please visit www.multicam-systems.com


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