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OTT Quality of Service Monitoring with Zero Compromise


For many content owners and distributors, OTT delivery is supplementing and even replacing traditional media delivery methods. But as they launch hundreds or even thousands of channels, how are these organizations ensuring high quality of experience for customers? How are they handling the immense task of monitoring — without compromising real-time error detection?

Operators can choose to monitor the video signal across many different points, but this approach can get expensive, particularly as the channel count grows. Consequently, they must compromise, balancing the number of points along the video path they want to check or monitor against the cost—licensing and compute resources—of doing so.

With the right technology in place, operators don’t need to look at each and every stream all the time; they just need to make sure all streams are being probed and monitored and that problematic streams are automatically brought to their attention. TAG’s new Adaptive Monitoring feature does exactly that.

Enabling dynamic, automated, on-the-fly allocation of monitoring resources on a per-input-stream basis, TAG’s Adaptive Monitoring feature brings operators significant efficiency gains that in turn yield cost savings and/or more expansive monitoring capabilities using the same resources.

Interested in learning more? You’ll find a full explanation of this game-changing monitoring model in our new download: “How TAG Enables Next-Level Efficiency for High-Density Monitoring.”

You will learn:

· how the complexities of OTT delivery present unique monitoring challenges
· how flexible and automated allocation of monitoring resources can enhance channel uptime while reducing costs
· why adaptive monitoring is an ideal solution for large and/or growing OTT operations
· how media companies are implementing this model to take efficiency to a new level

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