SUMOLIGHT Adds New US Headquarters in Santa Clarita, California


25570 Rye Canyon Rd, Unit D
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

New Southern California hand’s-on showroom and lighting facility

LEFT: Bea Patten-ICLS Associate Director and Malcolm Mills-Sumolight USA President, CENTER: Sumolight front door, RIGHT: SUMOMAX

SUMOLIGHT, known for SUMOSPACE, SUMOSKY, SUMOMAX and new SUMOLASER lighting, announces the opening of a new US facility adjacent to the burgeoning Santa Clarita Studio film community. The convenient location offers a showroom to test existing and upcoming SUMOLIGHT products. The accessible ground floor space provides filmmakers with a warehouse full of SUMOLIGHT fixtures backed by local support.

Managing the new location is Malcolm Mills, President of SUMOLIGHT USA.  “After the past few years of amazing growth for both SUMOLIGHT and the Santa Clarita region, we felt that this area is a prime location for us. Our products are already working on numerous stages just five minutes away from our office which means we can be ready to expand the lighting order for an existing project or connect with the lighting department for upcoming projects. Plus, it’s an easy drive to Burbank or Hollywood.”

SUMOLIGHT USA doors are open at:  25570 Rye Canyon Rd, Unit D, Santa Clarita, CA 91355. Sumolights are available to demo, with ample space for cameras, dolly and grip. For more information, to arrange a demo, or for info about sales and rental support, contact, (310) 729-5339.




SUMOLIGHT is a growing, global manufacturer and provider of lighting production equipment and engineering support made in Germany. Specializing in lighting for film and broadcasting, SUMOLIGHT was founded in 2011, with the SUMO100+, followed by the original award-winning SUMOSPACE in 2015, the popular SUMOSPACE+ in 2020 and the new category defining SUMOSKY display and lighting system to integrate into mixed reality studio environments. The full-color modular SUMOMAX is the company’s statement on powerful interactive lighting. Based on a new class of laser emitters, the company has recently introduced SUMOLASER™, a daylight point-source of unparalleled luminance that can put a precision beam of light on a stage or project miles into the sky. Building on the requests of end-users– from rigging, to control, to output, to movement, to color — SUMOLIGHT has continued to answer their needs. In high demand, SUMOLIGHT LED fixtures are chosen by gaffers, DoPs and more for production across the globe. SUMOLIGHT has facilities in Berlin, London, and Southern California.

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