Tedial to Demonstrate Advanced Media Asset Management Functionality at the 2014 NAB Show

Malaga, Spain – Tedial, the leading independent MAM technology solutions specialist, has announced that they will demonstrate new, advanced Media Asset Management functionality at this year’s NAB Show 2014 in Las Vegas April 7-10, 2014. Live demonstrations of the new product functionality, including Tedial‘s global search engine, will be available in their Booth #N5711 throughout the show.

Accurate search, with Tedial‘s global search engine, saves broadcasters and their production and distribution partners’ time and money. Tedial‘s intuitive desktop search tools guarantee that the right version can be located quickly every time. Using Google-like search based on both pre-loaded or externally referenced thesauri and dictionaries, Tedial provides unsurpassed search capabilities.

Tedial‘s unique search is also media context ready so results can also be focused to return only the relevant results, for example searching by departments, libraries, presentation channels and locations. Because Tedial also drives the workflow, search results are workflow aware and can track masters, programs and commercials throughout their lifecycle and also check if rights are cleared, or QC is complete and that international subtitles are play out ready.

Tedial supports multiple third party plug-ins and at NAB will launch new unique integration with Adobe® Premiere®. Using the powerful Adobe SDK, Tedial can greatly increase Edit Workgroup performance by completing the postproduction process within a single application and accessing Premiers amazing toolset.

Using Tedial‘s Connected Mode editors can now search for content anywhere in the MAM system using Tedial‘s new search capabilities to rapidly locate and select material for their edits. Search results are displayed in a configurable template that includes thumbnails as well as workflow status in the MAM. Premiere edits can be automatically exported to the MAM archive or sent to play out.

Resource and Capacity Planning capabilities provide real time dashboards and enhanced reporting tools to continuously monitor, refine and optimize workflows in ingest, library, production and play out. This valuable information helps media companies of any size to strategically plan and manage their future business operations.

Tedial‘s solutions dramatically improve workflow efficiency between multiple locations and platforms,” said Jay Batista, General Manager of US Operations for Tedial. “At this year’s NAB show we are looking forward to showing how our powerful software solutions will help broadcast station groups and network operators take their operation to the next level.”

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About Tedial

Tedial provides software based content and content management business solutions that maximize operational efficiency and profitability to broadcast and other media organizations. Tedial has over ten years’ experience and has grown to over 80 people; our proven track record enables broadcasters to take full advantage of file-based workflows, cloud computing and other technologies with minimum risk and maximum benefits.

Tedial‘s solutions are vendor and hardware independent, releasing customers from proprietary constraints and enabling them to significantly increase productivity and return on investment. Tedial is a global company with over 50 high-profile reference sites around the world, including some of the most complex and largest MAM systems in the broadcast industry.

Tedial‘s unique media management solutions have helped over 50 broadcasters and media companies worldwide to increase creativity and improve efficiency throughout their media workflows. For more information, please visit

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