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ViaLite Links the Action in Brad Pitt F1 Movie

Brad Pitt stars as a racing driver in a Formula 1 movie filmed at the Silverstone F1 circuit with the help of ViaLite equipment. The fast action scenes are challenging to capture, and are made possible with the use of ViaLiteHD RF over fiber links.

The robust links relay the feed from various radio cameras through to the production studio via fiber-connected antennas located around the track. The antennas also receive signals from helicopter-based cameras. This is the same set-up used for televising Grand Prix races.

ViaLite Green OEM Link broadcast

The ViaLite units installed are Green OEM broadcast modules covering 100 MHz to 1 GHz and UHF/VHF 10 MHz – 1 GHz, which are lightweight and have low power consumption. CWDM is also used for multiplexing of the fiber links, allowing all the signals to be sent over a single fiber cable. The kit is typically housed around the race track within ViaLite Outdoor enclosures to ensure the system is reliable in even the harshest conditions.

“It is great that movie makers keep using our fiber links to obtain the difficult action shots that make movies so fantastic to watch. We have been doing this in Hollywood blockbusters for many years and it’s gratifying that they trust our products in the most challenging environments,” said Amair Khan, Business Development Manager for ViaLite.

The movie is being made in collaboration with F1, and stars Pitt as a former driver returning to the sport, alongside Damson Idris as his teammate. F1 legend Lewis Hamilton is also on board as a producer. The release date should be by early 2025.

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