Worx4 X delivers simple Apple FCP X collaboration

Clever Worx4 X application from Marquis Broadcast saves time and storage for Avid FCP X users

Marquis Broadcast Worx4 X
Marquis Broadcast Worx4 X

Since its launch earlier this year at NAB 2017, the new Worx4 X application from Marquis Broadcast has proved indispensable with editors, producers and educators, helping them consolidate and manage their media. The software drastically reduces the size of an Apple Final Cut Pro X project by analysing the media that’s been used, then creating a folder of trimmed media ideal for sharing or storage.

With the tendency to leave cameras on when filming, hard drives quickly fill with media, much of which may remain unused. Worx4 X takes the media used in a FCP X project and copies it to a new location whilst trimming with handles; this saves a large amount of space once the required content has been identified. The application creates a single folder as an editable archive, containing a new XML of the project that references the newly-created media in this folder.

Dave Donaldson, design and media technician at West College Scotland, explains how they use Worx4 X for both the college and its online TV station, InverclydeTV, “Throughout the year, we use a lot of footage and literally hundreds of libraries, so to have a tool that helps us keep track of the students’ work through media and XMLs, while limiting the impact it has on our server storage, is crucial. Once our students have finished their projects, they run it through Worx4 X and then archive it. It’s become an invaluable tool that we use on everything from films to music videos and also helps the students learn about data management. We’re always amazed at how much space it can save.”

Apple-certified trainer and film editor, Paul David Murray, has been using the software to consolidate his TV projects for archiving. “With the help of Worx4 X, I’ve got my 150GB-ish projects down to an average of 20GB. Worx4 X goes off and uses the handle setting you selected, taking just the edited clips plus the selected handle length, and puts this section of the clip in your archive folder. At the end of this process, you also have an XML file of your archived project in the folder you selected in Worx4 X. For anyone who’s itching to buy new hard drives every other day, it should pay for itself on day one! Worx4 X should be a welcome addition to many a Final Cut Pro X workflow.”

Videographer, Chris Scott, uses Worx4 X for collaboration with a remote video editor. “I’ve upgraded my wedding videography to 4K, which means there’s so much more data involved. Now, I can work on some rough timelines, then export via Worx4 X so I can share the project via Google Drive with my remote editor, saving me having to post the physical drive each time. The media is shorter and much smaller as a result, making it compact and fast to upload.”

New York-based comedian, Rich Camp, agrees. “Worx4 X really opens up the world of FCP X and collaboration, since it means I can create trimmed media of an entire sequence into a file small enough to be sent via cloud storage rather than physical drive. The finishing possibilities are endless too – from smaller hand-offs for colour correction to saving space while archiving a finished project – and it integrates perfectly with my workflow, helping me accomplish much more.”

The Worx4 family consists of Worx4 X for Final Cut Pro X and Worx4 Pro for Adobe Premiere Pro. For further information about Worx4 applications, please visit

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