DoPchoice Launches New Tulip-style SNAPBAG® for Astra IP at NAB

DoPchoice, maker of light shaping gear for professional LED lighting, announces a new solution, just in time for the Litepanels Astra IP fixture. With a fresh take on the popular Snapbag® snap-up softbox, this new design features a unique tulip shape that makes the most of the Astra’s capabilities to help set up, elevate light quality, offer amplification, and optimize creative control.

The new design eliminates the need for skeletal ribs or rods due to its novel parabolic curve architecture combined with DoPchoice’s proprietary Snapshape® material. Sleek tulip walls, together with the fixture’s flat yoke, enhances maneuverability and affords 30° greater downwards tilt angle. The Snapbag’s silver reflective interior intensifies output. For additional direction control, there’s a direct-fit 40º Snapgrid, and various diffusions available to further diffuse the light.

Like all DoPchoice favorites, the lightweight Snapbag for the Astra IP opens in a snap and attaches to the fixture quickly and simply. Two elastic straps buckle to the rear of the light to hold the Snapbag in place. Thanks to their elasticity, the straps stretch to slide on and off for speedy adjustment or release. Astra’s straight yoke replaces typical angled support, to allow for more compact stacking and storage, so more units can be transported in a smaller package.

New Snapbags for Astra IP come in three sizes to fit the Astra IP Half (weight 14oz/0.4kg), 1×1 (weight 15.5oz/.44kg), and 2×1 (weight 21.8oz/0.61kg).  The system is backwards compatible with Litepanels’ original Astra and works with 1×1 Snapbag accessories, including Snapgrids.

For more information on SNAPBAG ASTRA IP visit :

To see it in person, visit NAB Videndum Booth #C5816.

For more DoPchoice products including AIRGLOW and SNAPBRIDGE, visit NAB Booth #C6045.

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