Grass Valley Helps MediaHub Address New Market Dynamics With Scalable Agile Services

MONTREAL – 8:00 AEST, May 20 2019 – Australia’s leading broadcast services provider, MediaHub Australia, has turned to long-time collaborator Grass Valley, to help optimize its operations to easily deliver highly adaptive services and transition to a bespoke business model.

Building on an existing SLA agreement, Grass Valley created a bespoke package, delivering support for all MediaHub Australia’s equipment on a per-channel basis. The new deal moves from support based on capital purchases, to one based on channel count. Thanks to this new framework, MediaHub Australia can deliver a more flexible service offering to its customers – from adding a new streaming service or a linear channel to on-demand or mobile app-based access to content.

“Our close working relationship over many years has given Grass Valley an in-depth knowledge of how our operation works. This valuable insight, together with its market leading solutions, is why Grass Valley is strongly positioned to help prime our business to meet any challenge the market throws at us,” said Alan Sweeney, CEO at MediaHub. “We pride ourselves in leading the way when it comes to broadcast service provision and always strive to keep our operation at the cutting edge. Thanks to Grass Valley, we have cemented our position as the market leaders with a radical new approach that keeps us and our customers one step ahead of the ever-shifting topography of the media industry.”

Grass Valley custom designed workflows to meet the MediaHub Australia’s unique needs. All the channels handled by MediaHub Australia’s facility are controlled by Grass Valley’s Morpheus Automation and server playout system.

“With consumers firmly taking charge of their content engagement, broadcasters, media organizations and service providers need the agility to quickly respond to what audiences demand,” said Ward Hansford, vice president sales, Oceania at Grass Valley. “This project with MediaHub Australia perfectly illustrates how we can help service providers re-shape their business to stay ahead in today’s fast shifting mediascape. The agreement delivers the increased flexibility, scalability and agility needed for MediaHub Australia to transition to a per channel count model MediaHub sets the high watermark for cutting edge broadcast service provision and we are incredibly proud that the company has once again turned to Grass Valley at this critical period in its evolution.”

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